Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Warehouse Order Fulfillment

With CASI's intelligent automation solutions, warehouse order fulfillment costs less and requires fewer workers along the fulfillment line. A smart investment today can save you a lot of money over time when you employ CASI automation equipment that does the work for you. From box resizing to flexible conveyor systems that move your product around challenging terrain, we've got the right solution for every issue you're currently facing. Reach out to one of our machinery experts for advice on e-commerce fulfillment solutions or review our inventory online to learn more.

5 Reasons To Invest In CASI Automation

1. Automated fulfillment and order processing costs a lot less than a manual line. If you're like most small business owners, you may be looking for a way to cut costs around the workplace. By choosing to automate fulfillment for your e-commerce business, you'll start to see big things happen in your bottom line.

2. CASI can offer a solution for every phase of order fulfillment:

  • Box opening systems for receiving to eliminate product damage from box cutters and streamline receiving processes in your facility
  • Conveyor systems and flexible conveyors that move your product along efficiently, regardless of the footprint
  • CASI SORT for smart product and package sorting lessens the load on workers
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and Mini ASRS systems are 100% scalable to the size of your business and able to be further customized in the future
  • SmartBox, CASI's right-size boxing system that eliminates waste by creating the perfect box size for outgoing packages
  • In-line Manifest Systems complete with scanners, scales, and dimensioners; imagine what you can accomplish with CASI

3. Your competitors are using automation and e-commerce fulfillment machinery to improve efficiency and productivity. You can avoid being left behind by other fulfillment centers that can easily take away your customers from you. By employing CASI equipment, you'll not only survive the technology explosion in the order fulfillment industry, but you'll soon thrive.

4. We serve a wide range of industries beyond e-commerce fulfillment:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • Third-Party Logistics
  • Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Healthcare & Pharmacy

5. CASI provides technical support to our customers ensuring you're never alone if you need assistance with equipment purchased from us. Whether you contact us by phone or by submitting a request through our website, our support team is always within reach when you need us.

Custom Tailored Warehouse Order Fulfillment Equipment

At CASI, we know your facility is as unique as a fingerprint, therefore, we offer custom automation solutions based on your individual needs. We design, build, and service material handling systems to enhance efficiency for our customers. Whatever your fulfillment challenges are today, CASI can resolve them for better performance tomorrow.

Get in touch with our team when you call CASI at 814-870-9267 or stay on our website and explore all of our automation solutions. Compare costs and quality among other equipment supplies and you'll see why so many order fulfillment businesses trust us for a budget-friendly, smart solution.

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Warehouse Order Fulfillment
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Warehouse Order Fulfillment Warehouse Order Fulfillment
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