Luxury Stager Toronto

Luxury Stager Toronto

While it’s true that you have many options when choosing a home staging company, it’s equally true that the choice you make when hiring an agency will make all the difference in how quickly you’ll sell your home and how much you’ll get for your home at the time of closing. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when hiring a stager is whether to choose a luxury stager or a traditional staging agency. Before you decide, make sure you understand the key differences between the two.

5 Advantages to Hiring a Luxury Home Staging Company

1. Luxury stagers typically have more clients, therefore, they bring more experience to the table. For example, a high-end staging company can show you how to stage your condo and how to make a condo look bigger rather than just clean up paint and bring in a few furnishings. At A Lady’s Touch, we are booked day in and day out with clients selling houses, condos, and other types of living spaces; we have the expertise you’re looking for to sell your home for more money.

2. Companies like ours that have invested in upscale furnishings have more options when staging your home. When you book luxury home staging through A Lady’s Touch, your stagers will have an entire warehouse of furniture, finishes, and accent items to choose from when decorating your home and getting it ready to put on the market.

3. You’ll find that home-staging a condo or a house leads to a higher return on your investment when you work with a luxury staging company since you’ll be able to ask more for your home when it sells. There’s an old adage, ‘Go big or go home’, which captures how we feel about the staging industry.

4. Buyers are looking for a bargain. When potential buyers see the true value of your home, they’ll be likely to pay more than they would if they saw empty rooms or cheap furniture and finishes. You can give buyers a sneak peak into what their new living space could look like once they’re completely moved in.

5. A Luxury stager will offer you a satisfaction guarantee- something you may or may not receive from a traditional staging company. Our pros from A Lady’s Touch will go over and above the call of duty to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We’ll make suggestions, then work closely with you to achieve the best results. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

Whether your home has been on the market for a long time without serious inquiries or you’re just starting to think about selling, you’ll benefit tremendously by hiring A Lady’s Touch for luxury home staging services. Explore the free resources on our website to learn more about what we do; watch videos and spend a few minutes in our before-and-after photo gallery looking at home transformations and selling prices- then give us a call at 416-587-5187 to get started.

Luxury Stager Toronto

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Luxury Stager Toronto Luxury Stager Toronto
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