Residential Painter Hudson County NJ

Residential Painter Hudson County NJ

Hudson Paint Contracting is a leading residential painter in Hudson County, NJ. We offer both residential and commercial painting services at economical prices. We also offer excellent power washing and cabinet refinishing services.

Can I paint my house?

You may try painting your house yourself, but you may find the task challenging, expensive, and time-consuming. When you entrust the job to a top-notch professional, he will have his own set of handyman and painters ready to get started on your painting needs. Moreover, when you hire an expert to do the job, his experience and skillset will provide great value for your money.

An expert knows how to prep your walls for the painting job. If it's a repainting work, then a painter will prep your wall by scraping, sanding, and power/pressure washing using specific tools. Without preparing the wall, it's impossible to make the new paint adhere to the wall. If you choose to paint yourself, you will have to invest in buying these tools and painting materials, which can add up to the overall cost of painting. With over 23 years of experience, we are one of the inexpensive and reliable residential painters in Hudson County, NJ.

Difference between pressure washing and power washing

Power washing is the process of washing your homes' exterior surfaces using pressurized water to remove dirt, mildew, mold, and other debris. In power washing, we use very hot water to remove tough stains and dirt. Power washing gives your home's exterior a renewed, clean, and fresh appeal. This process helps in cleaning hard surfaces like patios, fences, sidewalks, and driveways.

On the other hand, pressure washing is a cleaning process that is done using room temperature water. But the pressure level of water used for cleaning surfaces is very high. High pressure helps to blast away dirt, debris, and stains. Pressure washing is highly effective in cleaning rough and hard concrete surfaces like pathways and decks.

When to paint a house after power/pressure washing?

Before you could repaint your home, your painter will power wash or pressure wash your house. It can take up to 3 days before your wall dries completely for painting. Homes with wood siding takes a longer time to dry than homes with vinyl and aluminum siding. Either way, your home must be repainted within a month from the date of power washing.

Your painter may use pressure-washing to blow off the flaking and loose paint along with the grime and dirt on your walls. We also use pressure washing to treat mold in your walls to ensure that the mold doesn't return after painting. Some houses have a lead paint coating, in which case your walls require lead paint remediation. We are among the few painting contractors in NJ that is familiar with lead paint remediation.

Call Hudson Paint Contracting today for a free consultation. We offer comprehensive painting services at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Entrust your painting needs to the #1 residential painter in Hudson County, NJ.

Residential Painter Hudson County NJ
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Residential Painter Hudson County NJ
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Residential Painter Hudson County NJ Residential Painter Hudson County NJ
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